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Mastering Internet and Social Media Marketing Music Business Class with Debra Russell

SATURDAY, MAY 17TH, 2014: 10AM - 6PM

The Good News: This is an amazing time to be an artist.

The gatekeepers are largely gone. And thanks to the Internet and Social Media, you have :

        *Unprecedented access to an international audience
        *Unprecedented access to distribution and financing power

The Bad News: This is a really hard time to be an artist.

Anyone can make a CD. Anyone can take advantage of the internet. There is little or no Artist Development from
the Labels.You’re on your own!

It’s a DIY world people!

In this in-depth hands-on workshop – you will learn how to take massive advantage of the tools and opportunities of
social media and the internet without having to sacrifice all of your time and energy.

We will dive deep into:

        *Your Website/Blog
        *SEO and Driving Traffic to your website
        *Social Media – how to use the different sites to your advantage


Early Bird Class Price $110 (Purchase by 5/5/2014)

Regular Class Price $135 (After 5/5/2014)

Please click this link if you would like to purchase tickets online

Tickets can also be purchased by calling The Collective front office at: (212) 741 - 0091 X100



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