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The Collective is pleased to partner with DrumFun, the original music-minus drums play-along series, and the most effective practice resource for all drummers! Now you can get these awesome play-along tracks instantly through Drum Fun's Instant Download option!

Drum Play Along and Drumless Tracks for maximized Drum Practice…that’s what we’re all about! Welcome to the home of the original music minus drums series, Turn It Up & Lay It Down. Our popular series of high quality inspirational and educational drum play-along tracks are designed to help drummers of all skill levels master all styles of music and drumming. Drum lessons are important, and adding these tracks to your drum practice routine is proven to take your playing to the next level.

Check out the available selections below, and click to learn more, check out some samples, and pick up some of the awesome play-along tracks for drummers!

Prog Metal X Drum Play Along

Are you inspired by monster drummers like Mike Portnoy, Charlie Benante, Neil Peart and Jason Bittner? Then these are the drum play along tracks for you!!! Written & performed by Brian Z, these tracks were produced in response to fill a demand for Dream Theatre style play-alongs. Each track comes with 6 different mixes to maximize the educational and performance potential.

Click here to check out Prog Metal X Drum Play Along at DrumFun.

DrumFun Starter Pack

Get a taste of DrumFun style drum practice with our drum play along Starter Pack! Includes select tracks from each volume of Turn It Up & Lay It Down. Sample our drumless tracks today and see for yourself how our powerful our drum play-along system can help you take it to the next level.

Click here to check out DrumFun Starter Pack at DrumFun.

The Test of Time

This intense package marks the 10th anniversary of our popular play-along CD series and is a must for ALL drummers and percussionists. The TEST OF TIME is comprised of 74 specifically designed, challenging music minus drums play-along tracks, guaranteed to improve your groove!! This unique concept is not super easy my friends. It is truly a challenge! Truth is, when you get done mastering these tracks your timekeeping and your ability to feel the pulse will be a force to be reckoned with!!! Can you handle the test of Time? We think you can!

Click here to check out The Test of Time at DrumFun.

Turn It Up and Lay It Down: Volume 9

ARTIST SERIES “Burnin’ with Bernie” These fusion-esque tracks are all drumless mixes from jazz bassist Bernard Lackner’s debut album “Those Days” and is a top notch release.He has played and recorded with artists including Mino Cinelu, Adam Holzman , Adam Nitti, Trip Wamsley, Marco Minnemann, Steve Cunningham, Jeff Coffin, and Derico Watson. The tracks are so much fun to play along with! Print the charts right from your computer!

Click here to check out Volume 9 at DrumFun.

Turn It Up and Lay It Down: Volume 8

ARTIST SERIES “Denny’s Mix” This collaboration is the first in our "Artist Series" Play-Alongs and features the music of Smooth Jazz great Denny Jiosa. Take the classic cool jazz Wes Montgomery, add a spoonful of B.B. King and Eric Clapton, add the fluid Latin sounds of Carlos Santana, and you have Denny Jiosa, one of the smoothest, most passionate contemporary jazz guitarists on the scene today. We’ve mixed a bunch of Denny’s music without the drums to bring you “Denny’s mix” Print the charts right from your computer!

Click here to check out Volume 8 at DrumFun.

Turn It Up and Lay It Down: Volume 7

“Playin’ the ODD’s ” is an intense selection of odd time tracks that will challenge you as well as prepare you for any PROG or math rock gig. The best way to learn how to play in 7 is…. To play in 7! Here we cover 3’s, 5’s, 7’s, 9’s, 11’s and throw in an occasional 6! Man, this is some fun stuff once you get comfortable.

Click here to check out Volume 7 at DrumFun.

Turn It Up and Lay It Down: Volume 6

"Messin' Wid da Bull" features Funky 70's type grooves with a kick ass horn section made up of some of New York's top session guys. If you love that Blood, Sweat and Tears, Chicago, Earth, Wind & Fire, Tower of Power stuff...You'll love Messin' Wid da Bull. You know what you get when you mess with the bull? ...YOU GET THE HORNS!!!

Click here to check out Volume 6 at DrumFun.

Turn It Up and Lay It Down: Volume 5

"Double Pedal Metal" is geared toward all you Metal heads who are eager to develop your double bass technique. The groves on this CD were specifically written to guide you through a challenging, fun & heavy workout. Crunchy chords, soaring leads & pumping bass lines leave it up to you and your feet Crush the house.

Click here to check out Volume 5 at DrumFun.

Turn It Up and Lay It Down: Volume 4

"Baby Steps to Giant Steps" features NYC based jazz musicians on piano, guitar, upright bass and sax swingin' away at tempos starting at 100 bpm and slowly getting faster and faster until your blazing through the changes at 310 bpm. If you dig those smooth, smokey bars, fine Old K's and Round badges...This one's for you!

Click here to check out Volume 4 at DrumFun.

Turn It Up and Lay It Down: Volume 3

"Rock-it Science" features hip new bass lines w/ guitar accompaniment emulating MTV-ish ROCK feels. Almost 70 minutes of rockin’ drummin’ workout FUN. Guaranteed to Improve Your Groove. Rock on!

Click here to check out Volume 3 at DrumFun.

Turn It Up and Lay It Down: Volume 2

Features all new grooves in a more song form oriented format... more Funk, more Rock, Odd time signatures, Reggae, and some piano montunos to play on top of. This educational CD meant to be fun as well as a great ear- training tool.

Click here to check out Volume 2 at DrumFun.

Turn It Up and Lay It Down: Volume 1

Top session guys playing electric and upright grooves. Styles: Funk, rock, shuffles, blues, swing, fast bop, & Latin. Featuring: Neil Jason (Brecker Brothers), Chuck Bergeron (Buddy Rich), & Francisco Centeno (NYC session ace).

Click here to check out Volume 1 at DrumFun.



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