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Drummers Collective and Modern Drummer Magazine are collaborating on a brand-new program designed to help you improve your skills in a unique and personal way.

The Faculty Feedback program offers you a chance to have your playing viewed by Drummers Collective’s Pro Faculty, who will analyze your performance and make pinpoint suggestions of ways for you to improve.

Simply film yourself at the kit doing the type of playing that you’re looking to get better at, send it to us along with any specific questions you may have, and if we choose your video, we will post it on the Drummers Collective website. A Collective faculty member will then view your video, and within a short time he or she will post specific recommendations to help you improve your performance. In addition, your peers will be able to weigh in—so be prepared for an honest assessment of your skills! (Note: non-constructive commentary will not be posted—remember, we’re all in this together!) Select faculty responses will then appear in a future issue of Modern Drummer, so that thousands of other drummers can learn from your example.







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Submission guidelines:
Videos should not include someone else’s copyrighted material, so if you need to play along to an existing track, please ensure that it cannot be heard in your clip. (Headphone monitoring is suggested.) Pro-level production qualities are not required, but inferior audio and video could prevent us from choosing your entry, so please make sure your clip has adequate audio levels, lighting, etc.

*Please note that by submitting your video and information, you agree to allow The Collective and Modern Drummer magazine to include it on their websites, on social media, and in print.