Regional Representatives


If you would like to speak to a representative of The Collective School of Music outside of New York City, please click on the flag of your country to get information about your regional representative:


AUSTRIA                                            HUNGARY                                         SPAIN                                                FRANCE

austria       m1ni-0076kepp-normal       bandera[6]      Flag_of_France.svg


ITALY                                                   COLOMBIA                                      NETHERLANDS                               FINLAND

Flag_of_Italy.svg       900px-Flag_of_Colombia.svg      Dutchflag       800px-Flag_of_Finland_with_border.svg

CHINA                                                  MEXICO                                            GERMANY                                      JAPAN

flag       1400px-Flag_of_Mexico.svg       1280px-Flag_of_Germany.svg     Japan Flag


BRAZIL                                             INDIA

720px-Flag_of_Brazil.svg      1350px-Flag_of_India.svg