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At the Collective, you’ll develop the skill to play with anyone, at any venue, in any rhythm, and any style. That’s why we exist: to prepare you to work as a musician. And our method works. We’re a top choice for vocalists from around the world looking to take voice lessons and expand their skills.
We’re only for passionate players

The Vocal Collective will be an intense experience. We have high expectations of our musicians. But if you love to sing, and you’re willing to work hard in voice lessons and other classes, you’ll leave here with abilities that will impress. Our curriculum is designed to give you hands-on experience in the areas of vocal technique, vocal performance in important styles and genres, musicianship, and practical professional skills and knowledge.

One of the things that makes us different is our teachers. They’re all experienced musicians. Since our classes are small, you’ll get individualized attention and instruction. And this is more than just voice lessons. You’ll also sing in ensembles with faculty. That means you’ll be challenged to rise to their level, and you’ll grow accustomed to playing with the best.

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