Christopher Amott Guitar Workshop 7/15 – 8/5

June 16, 2015

Guitar Collective Artist in Residence Christopher Amott will be holding a 4-Week workshop from 7/15 – 8/5. The Course will meet on Wednesday evenings from 6-8PM. Tuition is $160.00 for the 4 week course.

Topics for this course will include: Picking technique:
Building speed, coordination and economy of motion.
We will discuss alternate picking, sweep-picking, economy picking and rhythm playing.
Controlling string noise: how to effectively mute the strings and clean up your playing.

Theory, scales, composition and songwriting:
Dive deep into all the modes and scales employed in rock and metal and how to employ these ideas in songwriting and lead playing.

Developing phrasing and hand tone:
Bending, articulation and vibrato.
Developing awareness of dynamics in rhythm and tone.
Exercise control over loose vs tight playing.

Ear training and expanding your musical horizon:
The importance of developing a good ear and how to practice that.
In this lesson we will also talk about gear and performing live.

Seats can be reserved online by clicking this link.


Chris Amott Workshop