Rebecka Larsdotter

Rebecka Larsdotter


Nyhyttan, Sweden. A very small but inspirational spot in the Universe. Apart from Nyhyttan, Rebecka has called Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Ålesund (Norway), Malmö and Stockholm, (Sweden) her home. Presently based in New York City.


Wrote her first song at the age of 2, recorded by her older sister on a tape-recorder of the days. Has since been singing and playing piano, violin, guitar, and finally made Music her full time life in 2002 by taking on a Masters Degree in Music from √Ėrebro and Malm√∂ University of Music.
Upon graduating in 2008, Rebecka moved to the US (Los Angeles, then New York) to pursue her passion for songwriting and performing. She has since been writing, performing, singing, and working as a voice and piano instructor.

Musicians played with:

Charles Altura, Göran Abelli, Tony Austin, Linus Abrahamson, Leonard Axelsson, Gustav Bjarnason, Carl Bagge, Kristian Brink, Brandon Coleman, Chris Coleman, Daniel Collins, Olle Dernevik, Stacy Dillard, Lars Ekman, Hadrien Feraud, Johan Hansen-Larson, Jerome Jennings, Johan Liedberg, Erik Lindeborg, JP Maramba, Zane Musa, Nick Mancini, Chris Montgomery, Johannes Nästesjö, Vardan Ovsepian, Joe Sanders, Masa Sasaki, Morten Schantz, Ruslan Sirota, Daniel Tilling, Max Thornberg, Kamasi Washington

Selection of previous venues played:

Troubadour, Los Angeles US
Fasching, Stockholm Sweden
Glenn Miller Cafe, Stockholm Sweden
Bara Vi (Underbara Bar), Stockholm Sweden
HiJazz , Uppsala Sweden
Blagardsapotek, Copenhagen Denmark
Cafe Retro, Copenagen Denmark
Hotel Geiragner, Norway
Zinc Bar, New York US
Nublu, New York US
Bitter End, New York  US
National Underground, New York US
Kenny’s Castaway, New York US
Uncle Mikes, New York US
First&Hope SupperClub,Los Angeles US
Cafe Metropol, Los Angeles US
Hollywood Studio Bar&Grill, Los Angeles US
Tangiers, Los Angeles US
Sodertalje Vis/Blues festival, Sweden
Pa Besok, Malmo Sweden
Folk Alliance festival, Memphis US
Hotell Hellstens, Stockholm Sweden

Scoop on that thing called Music:

Melodies, thoughts, words, chords, MUSIC, is a part of our what we breathe, our existence. Songwriting is just a matter of putting those pieces together, making it into something that can be digested by the human mind. A channeling of energy, a way to enable people to meet on a different level than the everyday human life might portray. A way to touch and connect, to feel and be felt.¬† A very lovely thing…