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KIM PLAINFIELD, drummer, originally from the San Francisco Bay Area has been based in New York since 1977. He has accumulated numerous performance and recording credits during his professional career, which he started in earnest at the age of 19 when he began playing with Mingo Lewis and subsequently secured the drum chair with the Pointer Sisters. Some three years later, at the age of 22, Kim moved to New York City where Kenwood Dennard introduced him to the Drummers Collective. This is where Kim’s pedagogical career took hold. He then started playing with Bill Connors, the world-renowned guitarist from Chick Corea’s original Electric Band, and Didier Lockwood, the unparalleled French jazz violinist.

Recordings, where Kim participated, that deserve mention are “Double Up” and “Assembler” by Bill Connors and “Live At The Olympia” by Didier Lockwood. All three recording are considered icons of contemporary fusion music. Worldwide, Kim is one of the first addresses when looking for modern drumming. His unbelievable technical abilities and versatile musicality bring audiences to enthusiastic amazement. He is a drummer of true and deep and organic musicality.

Kim began to receive international recognition during his seven-year engagement with Tania Maria. During that period, he toured extensively in the US, Europe, Central America, South America, The Caribbean and the Far East. Additional performance and recording credits include Jon Lucien, Andy Narell, John Pattitucci, Kenny Rankin, Jacques Higelin, Charles Fambrough, Edgar Winter and Mose Allison. Kim embarked on a solo career in 1993 and has since been touring Europe as a leader, at least twice a year, to ever increasing audiences and superb press reviews. To quote some: “The starring performance of the Kim Plainfield Trio on Saturday in the Neodrom simply left no wishes unsatisfied for musical strength and creative richness.” (Josef Fichtner: Musikmagazin Amberg). “ The concert was an organic whole with perfect technique, taste and yes, musicality” (Andreas Ascherl: Amberger Stadtnachrichten) “Kim Plainfield played drums much the same way that (Jon) Lucien sang, in the sense that he created intensity through pure conviction and an unrelenting sense of groove. His superb technical command was obvious, but he never exploited it by setting off percussive fireworks. His fire was constant and very hot.” (Rick Mattingly: The Courier-Journal.

Kim recently completed his debut CD, a joint project with Lincoln Goines, and is now a signed recording artist with EFA Records in Europe and Shiosai Records in Japan. Kim just returned from his debut tour as a leader in Japan, promoting the release of the Japanese version of his CD entitled “Night and Day”. This recording effort features the world-class musicians Jon Lucien, Mino Cinelo, Bill O’Connell, Alex Foster, Didier Lockwood, Myra Casales, Dan Carillo, Bill Connors, Adam Holzman and Pat Thrall.

As an educator, Kim is Co-Chairman of the Faculty at the Drummers Collective in New York City where he has taught since 1979. He was an associate professor at S.U.N.Y. Purchase Music Conservatory from 1993 to 2004 and in the fall of 2002 Kim accepted an Associate Professor position at Berklee School of Music. His instructional book “Advanced Concepts” is known as the bible of modern progressive drumming. He has conducted countless clinics in Europe, the United States, Japan and Central America, as well as extended artist-in-residence programs at various conservatories in Europe. In November of 2002 Kim received the distinct honor of being a featured clinician at the International Percussive Arts Society Convention in Columbus, Ohio.


Advanced Performance Program
Elective Intensive Program Afro-Cuban/Fusion
Certificate Program B: Contemporary Afro-Cuban

Kim is available for Private lessons.
Please call (212) 741-0091 extension: 110 for availability.

Fusion: A Study in Contemporary Music for the Drums

Plainfield Fusion Drums

Written by Kim Plainfield

The genre Fusion, as the name implies, is a blend of many styles and influences. This book and tracks utilize four tunes as a basis to show how this fusion-blending process can occur and expose you to major trends that exist. You are given unique step-by-step approaches to developing “fused” feels that are not just superficial pasting-together of styles, but truly new grooves of your making. In addition, there are many agility exercises to help you reach a high level of musicianship.

Each of the style-evolutions and exercises is fully notated in the book and performed in the tracks. These lessons culminate in a tune that incorporates what you have learned. The tracks contain a demonstration performance of the tune, followed by a version of the tune without the drums for you to play-along. The book provides a drum chart and lead sheet.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Fusion: A Study in Contemporary Music for the Drums, please click the link above.


Audio for Fusion: A Study in Contemporary Music for the Drums (Please note all tracks loop):


      1 Inverted Paradiddle Funk Notation


      2 SophistaFunk Notation Step 1


      3 SophistaFunk Notation Step 2


      4 SophistaFunk Notation Step 3


      5 SophistaFunk Notation Step 4


      6 SophistaFunk Notation Step 5


      7 SophistaFunk Notation Step 6


      8 Agile Funk Step 1 - Core Rhythm


      9 Agile Funk Step 1 - Step No. 1


      10 Agile Funk Step 2


      11 Agile Funk Step 3


      12 Agile Funk Step 4


      13 Extended Version Of Agile Funk Step 4


      14 Oi' Factory [Demo]


      15 Oi' Factory [Play-along]


      16 6-8 Accent Agility


      17 El Negro 6-8


      18 Contemporary 6-8 Pattern No. 1


      19 Contemporary 6-8 Pattern No. 2


      20 Contemporary 6-8 Pattern No. 3


      21 Q [Demo]


      22 Q [Play-along]


      23 3-4 Funk No.1


      24 3-4 Funk No.2


      25 3-4 Funk No.3


      26 3-4 Funk No.4


      27 I Was Walkin' [Beat Transcription]


      28 I Was Walkin' [Demo]


      29 I Was Walkin' [Play-along]


      30 Songo Agility 1


      31 Songo Agility 2


      32 Songo Agility 3


      33 Songo Agility 4


      34 Monte Cristo [Demo]


      35 Monte Cristo [Play-along]


Audio for Fusion: A Study in Contemporary Music for the Drums can also be found at youtube via this link: