Peter Retzlaff


Known for his musicality and command of a wide range of styles, Peter Retzlaff has played with Kenny Werner, Greg Osby, Diane Schuur, Ray Vega, the BMI Big Band, and Maynard Ferguson. As an educator, Peter has been an integral member of the Drummers Collective since 1995, and maintains an active teaching schedule at The Collective 5 days a week.

Peter received a B.A. in Jazz and Commercial Music and a B.A. in Business Administration from Capital University. He also received a M.M. in Jazz Studies from the Manhattan School of Music. Peter is a clinician for Zildjian, Remo and Vic Firth.

Peter teaches a variety of drumming styles and topics.
Topics Include:
* Technique (Including Moeller System)
* Rudiments
* Reading (from beginning to advanced levels)
* Chart Reading and Interpretation
* Jazz (Early Jazz, Big Band, Bebop, and Contemporary)
* Second Line Drumming
* R&B/Funk (Traditional/Contemporary)
* Brushes (Jazz and Pop styles)
* Odd Times (Jazz/Rock/Funk Styles)
* Rock (Traditional, Progressive Styles)
* Fusion
* Reggae/Soca
* Fundamentals of Afro-Cuban Drumming
* Fundamentals of Brazilian Drumming
* Fills/Soloing (Rock, Funk/R&B, Jazz Styles)
* Song Repertoire (Rock, Funk/R&B, Brazilian, Reggae Styles)


Certificate Program A – US Roots (Jazz), Jazz 40’s & 50’s
Performance Musicianship
Elective Intensive – Jazz Funk

Peter is available for Private lessons.
Please call (212) 741-0091 extension: 110 for availability.

Contemporary Jazz Style for the Drums

Written by Peter Retzlaff and Ian Froman

In the Fall of 2007, Carl Fischer and The Collective released Contemporary Jazz Styles for the Drums, Co-Authored by Peter Retzlaff, and Ian Froman. In the book Retzlaff and Froman provide an overview of Jazz playing from early small-group Jazz right up through post-bop and ECM styles. Retzlaff’s section contains a complete approach to ride cymbal playing, ideas for handling turnarounds, and a section on brushes, while Froman tackles approaches to modern Jazz timekeeping. Included are extensive exercises in 3/4 time (an area overlooked by most Jazz books). Explanatory audio examples are included, as well as play-along tracks.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Contemporary Jazz Styles for the Drums, please proceed to our online proshop.