Full-Time Programs


If you would like to apply online for a Full-Time Program, please click the link below. Once your application has been submitted you will be promptly contacted by our Admissions office.




Please click on a link for the program description for instruments:

Preparatory – A

Preparatory – B

Certificate Program – A

Certificate Program – B

Performance Musicianship Program

Elective Intensive Program

Advanced Performance Program


Please click on this link for the Vocal Program Quarters 1 – 6 course descriptions.



Program Offerings By Length – Drums, Bass, Guitar, and Keyboard:

Program-Offerings-By-Length-NEW 1024x556


 Vocal Programs:

Microsoft Word - Vocal Program Offerings.docx



Program Offerings by Award – Drums, Bass, Guitar, and Keyboard:

Microsoft Word - Program Offerings by Award.docx


 *Please note, each Quarter is 10 weeks in length*

Breaks Between Quarters:

Winter – Spring Quarter: 1 Week

Spring – Summer Quarter: 1 Week

Summer – Fall Quarter: 3 Weeks

Fall – Winter Quarter: 6 Weeks