A Very Special Interview with a SONOR Drum Set.

December 19, 2014


Over the course of 2 weeks our very own SONOR Acent series drum set was played on in clinics by 3 of the heaviest hitters in the drum industry today, Chris Coleman, Steve Smith, and Jojo Mayer.


Q. So, Mr Sonor Ascent, do I call you you Mr. Ascent or just Sonor?

A. Like Madonna, and Cher, just call me Sonor


Q. For starters, what is your background.

A. I come from a family of beech goers. My Family Tree dates back to the early 1900’s


Q. What brought you to the US?

A. A shipping container (insert canned laughter)


Q. So you reside in NYC, and have a permanent residency at The Collective…what’s that like?

A. I’ve been living in NYC for a little over 5 years, and have played with a lot of great musicians over the years.


Q. Let’s touch upon that subject. Can you name a few?

A. Well recently, I had the pleasure of playing with 3 very different artists, Chris Coleman, Steve Smith, and Jojo Mayer.


Q. WOW! Those are big names. Who was your favorite?

A. That’s impossible to answer because they’re all great, but also very different from each other. Let’s start with Steve Smith…Steve and my family at Sonor go way back to his early days with Journey, and we continued to play together to this day. Steve is just a world class musician that can play any style, with any artist. His playing is so refined, but every now and then, his playing is very animalistic, and with wild abandon. …Chris Coleman! With Chris, he let’s me do the talking, but he also keeps me in check with how hard he hits. I feel like it’s a good musical chemistry between the two of us. …And finally, Jojo Mayer! He’s not human. He brings a whole other approach that is exploding all over the world. His musicality, his technique, and along with my tone…it’s just a great duo!


Q. How do you feel after playing with all 3 of those heavy hitters in such a short time span?

A. I’m beat man, totally beat, but I have my heads in check!