Special Evening Course with Brad Flickinger – Advanced Chart Reading

November 24, 2014



* Do you know all the basic note values?
* Do you know all the basic rest values?
* Do you understand time signatures?
* Have you ever read any drum charts before?
* Have you ever had to read a chart on a gig?
* Are you familiar with common dynamics markings?
* Are you familiar with common Drumset notation?
* On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being a beginner, 5 being professional, how would you rate your reading?

In this class you will learn:
– Understanding the roadmap
– Keeping your place on a chart
– Interpertation of rhythmic figures
– Phrasing musically while reading
– Reading ahead
– Common reading traps (And how to avoid them)
– Simple stickings to help you read more fluidly
– Playing what’s important

*     This course is a total of 4 two hour classes
*     Course cost: $150 for all 4 classes
*     Signup by emailing Yahya Alkansa at: yahyaA@thecollective.edu
*     Course can only run if at least 3  drum students sign up
*     For additional questions please email: info@thecollective.edu
*     Classes will take place on Friday evenings 6-8pm, dates TBD