Special Evening Course with Kim Plainfield – Advanced Concepts

November 24, 2014


This course explores three general areas of Drumming, Technique, Contemporary Styles, and Rhythmic Concepts. It is designed with the intention of laying the foundation for drummers who aim to be versatile and agile on their instrument.

1. Singles, Doubles, Rudiments
2. Application of rudiments to the drumset
3. Hand/foot coordiation

1. Funk/Fusion Funk
2. Contemporary Afro-Cuban
3. Brazilian, Samba in 3, Partido Alto with agility, Baiao
4. Odd time agility, exploring options beyond the standard 5/4 and 7/8 grooves.
5. Coordination exercises which aid in the development of different styles.

1. Cross Rhythms
2. Polyrhythms
3. Odd groupings in different subdivision
4. Specific routines aiding orchestration of new vocabulary
5. Exercises to help integrate new vocabulary.

This is a hand’s on class with emphasis on practical application of the material.

*        This course is a total of 9 two hour classes
*        Course cost: $1000 or $200 at signup and $100 a week for 8 weeks
*        Signup by emailing Yahya Alkansa at: yahyaA@thecollective.edu
*        Course can only run if at least 4  drum students sign up
*        For additional questions please email: info@thecollective.edu