Special Evening Course with Kim Plainfield – Road Warrior

November 24, 2014


This course is designed to give students a real deal experience of going from gig to gig and having to respond and perform effectively in a variety of musical styles and settings. Each week the instructor will give out a set of charts, or lead sheets, to be mastered for the following week. The styles will change weekly. This class focuses on real life performance demands. It is designed to establish the focus necessary when preparing for professional performance standards.

*Class slots are available for 2 drummers, 1 bassist, 1 guitarist, and 1 keyboard player.

Performance Sequence:
Week 1 – Introduction and Overview
Week 2 – Funk
Week 3 – Progressive Rock
Week 4 – Jazz
Week 5 – Afro-Cuban, Latin Jazz
Week 6 – Brazilian/Brazilian Funk
Week 7 – Fusion gig
Week 8 – Open Review
Week 9 – Exam – Teachers choice of material

*        This course is a total of 9 two hour classes
*        Course cost: $1350 or $300 at signup and $150 a week for 7 weeks
*        Signup by emailing Yahya Alkansa at: yahyaA@thecollective.edu
*        Course can only run if at least 4 students sign up
*        For additional questions please email: info@thecollective.edu