School Calendar


The Collective is on a quarterly system, with each semester lasting ten weeks. Start dates are usually; Winter – 2nd week in January, Spring – last week in March, Summer-2nd week in June, and Fall – 2nd week in September. There is usually a five to six week break between the end of the fall semester and the beginning of the winter semester. The school remains open for most of this period and active full time students are given access to practice rooms for individual practice time.




Spring 2016

March 28th – June 3rd:  10-Week Semester for Full-time Programs

June 6th – 10th:  5-Day Intensive


Summer 2016

June 13th – August 19th:  10-Week Semester for Full-time Programs

June 20th – July 8th:  3-Week Intensive Summer Session

July 18th – August 12th4-Week Intensive Summer Session

August 22nd – September 2nd:  2-Week Intensive


Fall 2016

September 12th – November 18th: 10-Week Semester for Full-time Programs

November 28th – December 16th3-Week Intensive