Amir Ziv: Melodic / Harmonic Drum-Set Playing and Conversation

Amir Ziv: Melodic / Harmonic Drum-Set Playing and Conversation

October 24, 2017, 7:30pm - October 24, 2017, 9:30pm

Drummers Collective
541 Avenue Of The Americas Fl 4
New York, NY  10011 Map

Amir Ziv Master Class –Melodic / Harmonic Drum-Set Playing and Conversation

* All instrumentalists are welcome and encouraged to attend
In this 2-hour master class, Amir will perform select through-composed songs for the drum-set from his solo album Tympanum. We’ll be talking about the compositional process and story behind each piece, as well as what is required technically to be able to execute the music by breaking down each composition to its various sections and sub-section components for detailed analysis.

Other conversation topics will include all or some of the following:

• While the drum is one of the oldest instruments, the drum-set is still a relatively very much new instrument, which means it's an open field for inventing new vocabulary.

• Conversation about the future of the music industry and the importance of young musicians joining forces to take a nation-wide stand for the protection of their intellectual property so there is hope to have a market in the future.

• Conversation about working as a drummer in NYC and building a sustainable career.

• Sharing work experiences with Ornette Coleman, Medeski Martin Wood, Trey Anastasio, Cyro Baptista, John Zorn, the groups Amir has led Kotkot (w/Marc Ribot) and Droid (w/Adam Holzman, Yossi Fine, Tim Lefebvre) Amir’s current recording project with Efrain Toro, and his current band Directors.

• Discussing the importance of creating our own study "Apprenticeships" with our mentors.

• How to study more effectively and self-evaluation techniques.

• Discussion on the importance of having our own unique point of view.

• Amir’s experiences of owning and managing an artist run record

• The importance of making sure our "human" chops are at least on the same high level as our amazing musical abilities.

This class is free for all to attend. Please cal (212) 741-0091 X100 to reserve your seat.

Thunder Duo - Drums and Percussion Master Class

Thunder Duo - Drums and Percussion Master Class

October 26, 2017, 7:00pm - October 26, 2017, 9:00pm

Drummers Collective
541 Avenue Of The Americas Fl 4
New York, NY  10011 Map

tHUNder Duo
Kornel Horvath – Percussion
Gabor Dornyei - Drums

From haunting moments of silence to sudden onslaughts of raging rhyth-mic roar, the combined energy and technique of tHUNder Duo translates into waves of funky grooves, wild solos, and odd times that elevate listen-ers into a space where drums and percussion rule the world. Yes, this is tHUNder Duo – master percussionist Kornel Horvath and rising-star drummer Gabor Dornyei – whose tours of Europe and the UK are sold out events eliciting critical acclaim from the highest levels. Also, their DVD, Thunder Duo Live With Dom Famularo (Hudson Music) is a best seller. tHUNder Duo’s showcase performances and masterclasses at top USA/UK and European universities and their appearance at the massive NAMM Show in California, plus broadcasts to the world via Drum Chan-nel from LA and DRUMEO in Vancouver, Canada have not only boosted their popularity, but have reinforced their position as the world’s leading drums and percussion duo.

tHUNder Duo is a unique experience that combines diverse worlds of in-fluence and directions of rhythmic pursuit, with Kornel and Gabor rein-venting traditional styles from around the world as they seek out exciting new rhythms and grooves. At times the Duo stretches dangerously into the unknown. Then, with a stroke of brilliance, everything pulls together and the search is on for yet another head-spinning clave or funkily displaced groove.

This sensational duo is all about music with meaning. Yes, it rages, it roars, and it pulses as it pulls you into a very different world, but tHUNder Duo matters most because Kornel and Gabor are devoted to excellence as well as excitement. They know the music and its meaning. Exciting. Dar-ing. Human.

But best of all, sensational playing that moves and grooves in musical ways is what you'll see, hear and feel with tHUNder Duo.
Besides the duo concerts and workshops, tHUNder Duo joined the Ameri-can jazz guitar phenomenon Stanley Jordan in his new Quartet -Thunder Tour- and started participating in jazz festival headliner perfor-mances around the world.

Kornel Horvath

Hungarian artist Kornel Horvath has been voted the “Best Percussionist in the world in 2016” by the readers of UK #1 expert magazine Rhythm. Af-ter having studied flute, Kornel Horvath switched to percussion and devel-oped a unique playing style, inspired by the rhythmic traditions of Eastern Europe, but combined with jazz-Indian, Arab, African, and Latin influ-ences. Kornel Horvath has contributed to over 200 albums and was invited to the international convention of the Percussive Arts Society in America to demonstrate his individual and unique performance technique. Horvath performs along leading names in the jazz, rock, and pop scenes, such as Brazilian guitarist Alegre Correa, or Tommy Campbell, Al Di Meola and Stanley Jordan.

Gábor Dörnyei

London, UK drummer Gabor Dornyei is one of the most in demand and successful Solo Artists, Session Drummers and Drum Clinicians/Educators of his generations who emerged out of UK/Europe in recent years.
His diverse talent led him to perform at major drum festivals around the globe alongside the likes of Billy Cobham, Gavin Harrison and Steve Smith. Gabor’s features in Modern Drummer Magazine and DrumChannel brought him global reputation and success and his solo film from Vancou-ver has been listed between DRUMEO’s Top 10, alongside Peter Erskine, Bernard Purdie and John Blackwell JR. Gabor’s achieved a Master’s Level 7 Music Education Degree from the University of East London and pre-sented sold out masterclasses at the Los Angeles Music Acade-my,(LAMA) University of Southern California(USC) and countless UK/EU universities. He’s currently Head of Drums at DIME-ONLINE (USA/UK) faculty at ICMP-London and owner at Gabbey Road Studio, London.

Chris Juergensen Blues Guitar Master Class

Chris Juergensen Blues Guitar Master Class

November 2, 2017, 6:00pm - November 2, 2017, 8:00pm

The Collective School of Music, New York City
541 Avenue Of The Americas Fl 4
New York, NY  10011 Map

Native New Yorker, long time studio musician and session guitarist Chris Juergensen is in constant demand as a sideman, front man and clinician. He currently divides his time between Tokyo where he is the vice principal at Tokyo School of Music and New York where he continues to write, record, play and teach.

In December of 2015 Chris relocated back to New York City to join the team at The Collective School of Music. His first solo record, Prospects was critically acclaimed worldwide and his second release, Big Bad Sun showcased his singing as well as guitar playing. His newest album, Strange Phenomena was released in early 2008. His music has been used in countless movies and commercicals such as Regrets, The Awakened, A Nun a Gun and a Prostitute, and most recently in Victory Motorcycle’s promotional videos.

Chris has worked with such artists as: Chuck Rainey, Falling You, Lincoln Goines (Mike Stern), Richard Hartley and Soul Resurrection, Otmaro Ruiz (John McLaughlin), Albert Wing (Frank Zappa), Toss Panos (Steve Vai, Mike Landau), Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big), Judith Hill (Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder), Omar Hakim (Weather Report, Sting), Darryl Jones (Miles Davis, The Rolling Stones), Keith Wyatt (The Blasters), Ralph Humphrey (Manhattan Transfer, Frank Zappa, Wayne Shorter), Kim Plainfield (Tania Maria, The Pointer Sisters), Jay Dibbs (Vanessa Williams), Steve Bailey (The Rippingtons, Dizzy Gillespie), Jennifer Batten (Jeff Beck, Michael Jackson), Mike Shapiro (Al Jarreau, Sergio Mendes), Jerry Watts (Andy Summers, Billy Idol), Russel Ferante (Joni Mitchell, Yellowjackets), Kevyn Lettau, Hussain Jiffry (Robben Ford, Michael MacDonald, Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan), Shawn Harris, The Hideous Sun Demons and Ray Luzier (David Lee Roth, Army of Anyone, Korn).

This class is free for all to attend.