Each student is assigned an “anchor” teacher who, in addition to instrument instruction, provides academic and career advice. In addition, the Collective’s Director of Education and Director of Operations serve as advisors for personal or general program issues. 

Health & Welfare         

The Collective does not offer student health insurance. Students should make arrangements with their family’s insurer or an independent insurance provider for appropriate insurance coverage.

Student ID Discounts                      

Each matriculated full-time student is given a picture ID to be worn while on the school premises. These ID cards may also be used to take advantage of student discounts at local area restaurants and music venues, and generally throughout New York City.  

Housing Assistance          

The Collective maintains an up-to-date list of student residences and other apartment rentals serving a student population.

Career Advisement

Although The Collective does not have a formal placement service, it does regularly make recommendations to current and former students for professional work in the music industry. 

Where to stay while studying

We don’t have residence halls, but students who need housing are generally able to find apartments, rooms, houses, and other types of lodging in the New York City area.

For short stays of three weeks or less:

We recommend the Seafarer’s International House, which is close by the school.

Seafarer’s International House
123 East 15th Street
New York, NY 10003
Tel.: 212-677-4800
E-mail: [email protected]

For longer term stays:

You can get housing assistance through the Student Services Office, where offerings and listings by educational housing providers are maintained.

Or try one of these: