Kirk Layne

Kirk Layne is not just an ordinary musician but an accomplished bassist, keyboardist, songwriter and producer.

Born on the island of Barbados, which he currently calls home, Kirk has been the bandleader and musical director for many shows and churches across the land.

Qualified in his field, Kirk received a distinction from the Royal School of Music up to grade 5. He also holds an associate degree in Music from the Barbados Community College and a Diploma in ‘Advanced Performance Practice’ from the ‘Collective School of Music’ in New York.

Kirk teaches at The Coleridge and Parry School, The Barbados Community College, and conducts his own music school known as ‘K1 Music’.

Kirk has played for many artists. From the Grammy award winning Patti Labelle to the well-known Jazz saxophonist Arturo Tappin. He has accompanied artists ranging from Barbados locals such as Myah Daniel, Paula Hinds, Sister Marshall, Allison Norville, Biggie Irrie, Red Plastic Bag and numerous others, to regional and international artists such as Kevin Downswell, Jason Mighty, Stitchy, Junior Tucker and Lelah Hathaway, just to name a few. Kirk has toured throughout the Caribbean and US with various artists. He has also recorded on DVD with the Grammy award winning Jazz bassist Victor Wooten in the year 2008.
Kirk has been one of the featured artists for The Barbados Jazz Festival 2009, Jazzin’ Barbados 2011, as well as The Barbados Gospel Festival 2012 and 2014 Laughter and Jazz shows.

While on a Gospel tour through Canada, Boston and New York, Kirk conducted a Caribbean Music master class at ‘The Collective School of Music’ on August 4th 2016, where he not only demonstrated various forms of Caribbean rhythms, but also shared on his experiences and growth after graduating from ‘The Collective’.

At present, Kirk is focused on building his career as a solo artist and is in the process of producing his first album entitled ‘ Gospel according to Bass’ of which he has released four songs from that album on CITA RADIO and STARCOM NETWORK, the songs entitled ‘The Wedding Song’, ‘Bass Praise’, ‘Lord I Need You’ and ‘Play Mr. Bassman, Play it for Jesus’.