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Fusion: A Study in Contemporary Music for the Drums



The genre Fusion, as the name implies, is a blend of many styles and influences. This book and tracks utilize four tunes as a basis to show how this fusion-blending process can occur and expose you to major trends that exist. You are given unique step-by-step approaches to developing “fused” feels that are not just superficial pasting-together of styles, but truly new grooves of your making. In addition, there are many agility exercises to help you reach a high level of musicianship.

Each of the style-evolutions and exercises is fully notated in the book and performed on the tracks. These lessons culminate in a tune that incorporates what you have learned. The tracks contain a demonstration performance of the tune, followed by a version of the tune without the drums for you to play-along. The book provides a drum chart and lead sheet.

Please click this link for the loopable audio tracks that accompany this book.



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