Hear valuable lessons and pro tips from the world’s top musicians.

The Collective School of Music is a leader in educational Clinics and Master Classes for Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, and Vocals.

The Collective’s highly regarded reputation has made the school one of the most sought after educational facilities to teach at for professional musicians and educators from all over the world. The clinicians and educators that are brought in to the school represent the best of the best and give students an opportunity to not only study with The Collective’s world class Faculty, but some of the hardest working professionals in the music industry.

Dennis Chambers Master Class December 2015

Felix Pastorius Master Class April 2016

Chad Smith Master Class December 2013

Mike Stern/Steve Smith Master Class September 2013

Zakk Wylde Unblackened Album Press Event August 2013

Steve Jordan Master Class September 2013

Alex Skolnick Master Class October 2016

Chris Coleman Clinic September 2016

Chuck Rainey Master Class April 2016

Steve Smith, Anthony Jackson, and Vinny Valentino Master Class October 2013