Course Level 5

Performance Musicianship follows and complements the work done in Intermediate A and Intermediate B. This level prepares students to meet the entry requirements of most full-time accredited music colleges and universities. It also helps to develop the professional performance skills required to succeed as a professional musician, including proficiency in the most important styles and the repertoire commonly used in those styles. Each week students play two live rehearsals with a professional faculty ensemble. In addition to the rhythm section classes, students participate in weekly musicianship and reading classes as well as an elective class and regular private lessons.

Performance Musicianship includes the following classes:

This class is a part of a sequence, which focuses on music theory, aural skills, and keyboard proficiency.

Reading Proficiency Class:
The Reading Proficiency Class consists of a series of progressive courses. Students learn sight-reading skills and the ability to interpret music from a wide variety of sources and formats.

Performance Sequence: This sequence of classes gives students the opportunity to review and incorporate some of the important styles and repertoires. Students rehearse together in a rhythm section setting to learn the “must know” repertoire in various styles covered in the course. All styles and tunes included in this sequence are known to be those of which any competent professional musician would be expected to be proficient in and to know when called to do a gig.

Styles covered in the Performance Musicianship sequence: 
1. Rock
2. Funk/R&B
3. Jazz
4. Brazilian
5. Afro-Cuban
6. Afro-Caribbean

Pro Rehearsals:
This performance-oriented class gives students the opportunity to perform with a professional rhythm section twice per week, playing challenging repertoire, in a variety of styles and tempos. Students are required to learn a designated number of tunes from The Collective’s “must know” tune list. This class culminates in a public recital.

Elective Class:
Students choose from a series of elective classes. Each elective class has a specific stylistic or technical focus, allowing the individual student the opportunity to personalize his/her plan of study. 

Individual Study and Practice:

Anchor Teacher Private Lessons:
Students are assigned a private instructor who acts as the student’s principal teacher and advisor. Students meet with this teacher 8 times during the quarter, usually weekly, starting in week 2 of the quarter. Students are also allocated 5 additional elective private lessons with a teacher, or series of teachers, of their choice.

Daily Individual Practice Time: Students are assigned 2 hours per day during the week, open hours on the weekend, and additional hours available at off-peak times throughout the week.