Course Level 1

Preparatory A is designed as the Collective’s entry-level program of study, and focuses on developing the rudimentary, technical, and musicianship skills required for further study, as well as an introduction to the rhythm section and the four foundation styles of Rock, Jazz, Afro-Cuban, and Brazilian. Students are assigned an “anchor” teacher to help guide them through the course work.

Preparatory A includes the following classes:

This class is part of a seven-level sequence, which focuses on music theory, aural skills, and keyboard proficiency.

Reading Proficiency Class:
The Reading Proficiency Class consists of a series of progressive classes. Students learn sight-reading skills and the ability to interpret music from a wide variety of sources and form.

Time & Groove Prep Class 1:
This three-class sequence introduces students to the importance of playing in time and with a musical groove. Work includes playing a Latin groove for 32 bars with the metronome and transitioning to a shuffle groove. Students apply what they have learned by playing with a click track and with a professional rhythm section.

Instrumental Technical Proficiency 1:

  • Drums:
    Students are introduced to the study of rudimental drumming as the foundation for a solid drumming technique. Students study and perform together as an ensemble.
  • Bass, Guitar, and Keyboard:
    Students are introduced to the basics of proper instrumental technique with a focus on proper hand and body position and correct fingerings and hand positions for commonly used scales and arpeggios.

Style Prep Sequence – Style Prep 1:
Students work with an instructor on their instrument to develop the conceptual framework and application of applied techniques to perform in a rhythm section setting in the designated contemporary root styles of Rock and Jazz. Each week’s class is dedicated to a particular sub-style.

Style Prep Rhythm Section 1:
This class gives the student the opportunity to apply the work done in the style prep classes in an actual rhythm section setting made up of professional musicians.

Prep Real Deal Rehearsal 1:
Students work together in a rhythm section format, under the supervision of a faculty member, to rehearse a series of practical real-life situations, the mastery of which is essential to every performing rhythm section musician.

Anchor Teacher Private Lessons:
Students are assigned a private instructor who acts as the student’s principal teacher and advisor regarding the tasks presented in the overall program. Students meet with this anchor teacher on a weekly basis, usually starting in week 2 of the quarter.

Daily Individual Practice Time: Students are assigned 2 hours per day during the week, open hours on the weekend, and additional hours available at off-peak times throughout the week.