Coming to the Collective from outside the US

One of the things that makes the Collective such a vibrant place to be is the diversity of students who attend.

We welcome students from all over the world. If you’re not a US citizen, you’ll need to obtain a student visa to attend the Collective. Before applying for a visa, however, you must be accepted to the Collective, and have paid your program deposit.


International Student Admissions 

International Students

International students are required by law to study on a M-1 Student Visa while maintaining a full-time plan of study in an accredited program.  The Collective will, as required by law, report any international student who does not maintain a minimum attendance level, or who has withdrawn from a program. 

In addition to the admissions requirements listed in section B above, international students applying for an M-1 visa must:

  • Provide an English Proficiency Exam Score (see English Language Requirement)
  • Complete an Interview
  • Copy of Passport identification page, including the applicant’s full name and photo
  • Financial Support Documentation 

Upon acceptance, The Collective will provide an acceptance letter and issue the I-20 form upon receipt of the I-20 fee.

I-20 FEE

Each International student will be required to pay a fee for the quick delivery of an I-20 international document. The fee is $150.  Additionally, the student is responsible for any FedEx (or other shipping provider) costs.

International students are also required to pay SEVIS fees using form I-901 before bringing their I-20 form to the US consulate for an M-1 Visa interview.  Students in certain countries may have to pay a fee to book an appointment with their immigration consulate. Visa appointment wait times can be checked here.

English Language Requirement               

It is the policy of the U.S. government and The Collective that students must have sufficient English language skills to participate successfully in their chosen curricula.  If it becomes apparent that a student’s English language skills are inadequate, the school may require the student to take English lessons.  The Collective Director can help advise students about ESL teachers and resources.  A low level of English ability may lengthen the time necessary to complete a program of study and may extend enrollment.

International students are required to pass an English language test or prove their ability to speak, read and write in English. The Collective recommends taking either the TOEFL or IELTS to evaluate a student’s English level. The TOEIC and DuoLingo are also accepted. All test options are meant to measure a non-native English speaker’s ability to understand the language. Test takers will receive a score upon completion of the test. The Collective requires that international applicants share their English proficiency exam score on their application. 

Desired scores are as follows:

IELTS: 4.0-5.0 or higher

TOEFL iBT: 69〜79 or higher

TOEIC: 600〜740 or higher

DuoLingo: 75~100 or higher

In addition to the exam score, the Collective will evaluate the applicant’s English level during the admissions interview. Both the exam score and the interview assessment will be used in making an admission decision. 


SEVP-Approved Programs

2-Year Diploma in Music Performance
(Previously known as 2 Year Diploma) 

1.5-Year Diploma in Music Performance
(Previously known as 1 1/2 Diploma) 

1-Year Certificate in Music Performance A
(Previously known as 1 Year Certificate)