Misson Statement

The mission of The Collective is to train students for careers as performers in the contemporary music industry. We are devoted to improving music education by continually adapting to the rapid technological and environmental changes in the industry and providing students with the most current and relevant skills, information and practical experience. We offer a proven curriculum that develops the highest levels of musicianship through performance-based training and prepares graduates to enter their careers with confidence based on thorough preparation.

The Collective, A Brief History

Founded in 1977 as The Drummers Collective, the school was created by a small group of professional New York City drummers. The idea was to assemble a faculty of top professional players who had the professional experience and the ability and desire to teach. For the past 42 years, this original concept has been the foundation of The Drummers Collective, as well as the other divisions of The Collective.

The Bass Collective was started in 1996, as a complement to The Drummers Collective with the philosophy that drummers andbass players should learn together the music that they play together.

The Guitar and Keyboard Collective divisions were added to The Collective in year 2000. These two new divisions give The Collective a complete rhythm section capability. Rhythm sections are a fundamental part of our curriculum and therefore offer the most effective learning environment for the students of popular music.

The Vocal Collective is the newest division of The Collective, started in the Fall of 2012 in order to accommodate the growingnumber of students interested in developing their vocal skills as a compliment to their first instrument and it has already grown into a viable program for students who are pursuing a career as a professional vocalist.


The goal of The Collective is to create an educational environment that connects the realities of the contemporary music industry to the classroom and provides students with all of the elements necessary for artistic and commercial success. By continually reviewing and updating curriculum to meet changing industry standards, employing working professionals as instructors and maintaining state-of-the-industry facilities, we aim to create an educational atmosphere that replicates the challenges and opportunities that graduates will encounter when they transition from student to professional.


• Provide real-world performing experience in a wide range of contemporary styles, both on stage and in the studio.

• Train students in the essential skills of professional music, including sight-reading, instrument technique, music theory, and music business.

• Offer small classes taught by experienced professional musicians with a passion for teaching.

• Provide personalized teaching along with education and career counseling adapted to individual needs.

• Provide students with facilities and equipment that reflect contemporary industry standards.

• Foster the creation of professional and creative networks on the local, national and international level.

• Provide comprehensive, effective, practical education that prepares students from anywhere in the world to pursue successful careers.

Locations and Facility

Facilities and Equipment      

The Collective’s facility is located at 28 Broadway in the heart of the Historic Wall Street area of New York City. The Broadway location resides within walking distance of multiple transportation hubs from the subway, to the bus, to the PATH train from New Jersey. The newly designed facility provides multiple ADA compliant classrooms, all of which are fully soundproofed and air conditioned with state of the art drum sets, bass/guitar amps, and audio setups. The Broadway location also includes a new fully equipped Recording Studio featuring a 48 channel SSL AWS 948 Delta DeltaSuperAnalogue™ Console, a multitude of outboard equipment, and Pro Tools HD recording software. Also featured in the facility is a computer lab/library outfitted with MacBook Pro Computers, the latest in digital production gear featuring Ableton and Logic, and thousands of audio tracks, free digital continuing education courses on music theory, composition, arrangement, technology and music charts for students to peruse. The facility also has 2 ADA compliant restrooms and newly designed administrative offices that allow staff to work with students efficiently with any needs they may have.

Library Resources

The Collective maintains a library which consists of both physical and digital content. The school offers traditional sheet music, instructional videos, practice books, and practice materials. Physical copies of sheet music and practice books can be checked out through the front desk upon request. The sheet music, instructional videos, and practice books cover a wide variety of musical genres and techniques featured in the school’s curriculum. Digital copies of sheet music and instructional videos are available on the computers located in the Library as well as the Student Lounge. The Library and Student Lounge feature MacBook Pro Computers that are equipped with music production and notation software in addition to the sheet music, practice books, and videos. Additional materials for students such as charts, scores, and exercises are given directly to them by the faculty based on the curriculum. Students and faculty can listen to and/or print out copies of over 10,000 pieces of music, most of which are related to the courses at The Collective. Students also have access to the New York Public Library system including the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts located at Lincoln Center.

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