Application Requirements

The Collective Global Vision requires prospective students to submit an application and to audition before beginning their studies at the school. For more information on our audition requirement, visit Audition Requirements.

Application Form

The Collective Global Vision’s application for admission is available on our Apply Page.

Application Fee

There is a nonrefundable application fee of $75 for all applicants. You will be prompted to pay the application fee upon completing the application form. You must pay the application fee in order for your application to be reviewed.


There is a nonrefundable audition fee of $125 for all applicants. Auditions may be conducted in person or via recording. The Admissions Director will send you a payment link for the audition fee upon scheduling or receiving your audition. Submit an application using the methods below:

To schedule an in-person audition:

To submit a recorded audition:

  • Upload an unlisted video audition to YouTube or to Google Drive to share with the Admissions Director
  • See Audition Requirements below for guidance on what to include in your video submission.
  • Send a link to your audition video to the Admissions Director by email ([email protected]).

A response letter will be sent to each applicant stating the results of their evaluation and explaining the options available to the applicant within two weeks of receiving an application. Applicants can apply at any time. Potential students are encouraged to apply early, as the application must be received, reviewed, and accepted prior to the enrollment deadline. Enrollment must be completed at least two weeks prior to the start of the upcoming quarter in order for a student to begin their program in that quarter. If the enrollment is not completed at least two weeks prior to the start of the upcoming quarter, the accepted applicant’s start date will be moved to the following quarter.

Quarter Dates and Application Deadlines

See dates below for upcoming quarters at The Collective Global Vision and their corresponding application deadlines. US-based students must complete their application two weeks prior to their chosen quarter start date. International students must submit their application two months prior to their chosen quarter start date.

Winter ’24: 1/8/24 – 3/15/24

  • US Deadline: 12/25/23
  • International Deadline: 11/30/23 *Application Window Extended

Spring ’24: 3/25/24 – 5/31/24

  • US Deadline: 3/11/23
  • International Deadline: 1/25/24

Summer ’24: 6/10/24 – 8/16/24

  • US Deadline: 5/27/24
  • International Deadline: 4/10/24

Fall ’24: 9/9/24 – 11/22/24

  • US Deadline: 8/26/24
  • International Deadline: 7/9/24

Winter ’25: 1/6/25 – 3/14/25

  • US Deadline: 12/23/24
  • International Deadline: 11/6/24

Spring ’25: 3/24/25 – 5/30/25

  • US Deadline: 3/10/25
  • International Deadline: 1/24/25

Summer ’25: 6/9/25 – 8/15/25

  • US Deadline: 5/26/25
  • International Deadline: 4/9/25

Fall ’25: 9/8/25 – 11/21/25

  • US Deadline: 8/25/25
  • International Deadline: 7/8/25


The Collective Global Vision offers multiple types of programs designed to fit students’ unique goals. Programs include long-term accredited programs, short-term community music programs, and private lessons with our award-winning instructors, all working professionals in the New York City music scene.

The Collective Global Vision Diploma

Our long-term diploma and certificate programs offer our most thorough education on instruments, styles, techniques, and musicality. They are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). See our Diploma Page for more information on our long-term programs.

Enrolling in a Collective Global Vision Diploma Program requires completion of the application and audition process.

Community Music Programs

Our short-term programs offer students an opportunity to expand their musical horizons, develop instrument technique in a condensed time frame, and sample the instruction style used in our long-term programs. See our Community Music Programs Page for more information on our upcoming short-term programs.

Applying and auditioning is not required to enroll in these programs.

Private Lessons and Custom Lesson Plans

Private lessons offer students the opportunity to study specific skills and techniques outside of our Diploma or Community Music Programs. If you sign up for multiple lessons, we can work with you to develop a custom lesson plan to help you achieve your goals. See our Private Lessons Page to sign up.

Applying and auditioning is not required to enroll in these programs.

International Student Admissions

International Students

International students are required by law to study on a M-1 Student Visa while maintaining a full-time plan of study in an accredited program. International students applying for an M-1 visa must:

  • Provide an English Proficiency Exam Score (see English Language Requirement below)
  • Complete an Interview
  • Provide a copy of Passport identification page, including the applicant’s full name and photo
  • Provide Financial Support Documentation 
  • Upon acceptance, The Collective Global Vision will provide an acceptance letter and issue the I-20 form upon receipt of the I-20 fee.

International Student Fees

International students are required to pay additional fees listed below.

  • I-20 Fee paid to The Collective Global Vision: $150
  • I-901 Fee paid to the US Government: $350 (pay here)
  • Visa Application Processing Fee paid through country specific U.S. Embassy or Consulate web page: $185

Please see our International Student Visa Process Document for more information on international student fees and application process.

English Language Requirement

International students are required to pass an English language test or prove their ability to speak, read and write in English. In addition to the exam score, The Collective Global Vision will evaluate the applicant’s English level during the admissions interview. Both the exam score and the interview assessment will be used in making an admission decision.

For more information on international student admissions, fees, and English language requirements, please visit our International Students Page.


The balance of all program tuition is payable in full on the first day of the quarter, unless arrangements have been made for a no-interest payment plan (below).

For quarterly tuition costs for each program and for books, please reference our Tuition Page.

Please note, there is an additional one-time non-refundable Education Tools and Technology Fee of $1,400.

Nondiscrimination Policy

The Collective Global Vision promotes equal opportunities for all students and will not engage in any unlawful discrimination based on race, color, sex, gender identity, gender expression, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, medical condition, physical or mental disability, military or veteran status, genetic information, or any other basis prohibited by law.

Next Steps

Get in touch with us so we can work together on completing your application process and beginning your musical journey at The Collective Global Vision.

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Do you want personalized guidance on starting or completing your application and audition? To schedule a virtual or in-person appointment with an Admissions Associate, contact [email protected].

Schedule a Tour

We offer tours of our facility in the heart of New York City’s Financial District Monday through Saturday. Please contact and Admissions Associate to schedule your tour in advance at [email protected].

Visit us Virtually

Many of our prospective students are from out of NYC, live out of the country, or live busy lives. If you cannot join us in person, you are welcome to book an online tour or info session by contacting [email protected].

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