“A wonderful music journey on percussion happened here. A lifetime memory to learn from a truly professional drummer-John Sawicki, generously share his knowledge and talents, able to bring us to another level within a short period. 20+hour flight from Asia is worth! Thank you The Collective.”Sandy Sintung (Summer 2017)

Welcome To The Collective School of Music!

Founded in 1977 as The Drummers Collective, the school was created by a small group of professional New York City drummers. The idea was to assemble a faculty of top professional players who had the professional experience and the ability and desire to teach. For the past 42 years, this original concept has been the foundation of The Drummers Collective, as well as the other divisions of The Collective.

Our goal is to prepare students for careers as well-trained performers of contemporary music by offering a structured curriculum which focuses on developing the highest level of musicianship and which provides the technical, conceptual, and performance-oriented training necessary for artistic and commercial success.



Student Spotlight Featuring Matt Butler

Join us at The Collective School of Music where Matt will give a presentation on his past 3 years of DIY touring that’s included over 100 shows in jails and prisons across the country – plus a special screening of…

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