Taking drum lessons here will take your skills to a new level

Drummers Collective

Founded in 1977, the Drummers Collective is our inaugural division. It’s evolved into a world-class learning center for drum set players and percussionists.

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Bass lessons at the Collective will be hands-on.

Bass Collective

The Bass Collective offers electric and acoustic bass instruction for serious minded bassists. Our courses cover every aspect of bass playing, so you can play in any setting.

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Guitar lessons at the Collective are intense.

Guitar Collective

The Guitar Collective gives you hands-on experience with musical styles and performance techniques in a rhythm section setting.

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Keyboard lessons at the collective will advance your skills.

Keyboard Collective

The Keyboard Collective focuses on the all-important rhythm section role of these instruments.

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Voice lessons at the Collective focus on singing professionally.

Vocal Collective

The Vocal Studies Program at the Collective will prepare you in the areas of vocal technique, vocal performance in important styles and genres, musicianship, and practical professional skills and knowledge.

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