“I was astonished when my 7th grade band director pointed at me and said “solo!” in the middle of a song. It felt amazing to be given the opportunity to do something that was so much fun in front of an auditorium full of my classmates.” states Dave. “It was then I knew I was a drummer!”

To continue to perfect his craft Dave has played in marching bands, orchestras, jazz bands, rock bands, blues bands, funk bands, an alien band, reggae bands, and various wedding bands.

While growing up in Virginia, Dave had a choice to make: playing baseball (a sport he loved), or playing in the high school jazz band. It was an easy decision he loved playing the drums. After college, he joined a band and toured the East Coast, held a private teaching position at The Contemporary Music Center, and taught highschool drumlines.

Since moving to New York in 2005 to study at The Collective Global Vision Dave has been active as a studio musician and a rhythm section player. In 2010 he became a faculty member at The Collective Global Vision specializing in Rudiments, Technique, Funk and Rock, and Groove. Through a solid understanding of playing time, he supplies students with the tools to master their techniques for their chosen genre.

Dave has studied with Steve Fidyk, Peter Retzlaff, Ian Froman, Kim Plainfield, and Vince Cherico to name a few. His experience also includes playing with various touring and recording artists such as: Nevereven, Willamette, Savoy In Color, Portraiture, Ranjit and The Ambassadors, The RitMo Collective, Mieka Pauly, Pat McGee, George Grant and The Mighty Templars, The Laura Thomas Band, Boogiehawg, and many others.

Dave is currently a contributing writer for Modern Drummer Magazine as well as teaching at The Collective Global Vision and at various locations throughout New York City.