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John Dorney

Hi! My name is John Dorney, I am a Berklee College of Music graduate and full time musician freshly settled in Brooklyn. In addition to being a part of multiple musical projects as a band member I also write and record my own original music and just released an EP in April! I love to teach and have a strong knowledge of the inner workings of music as well as the creative process. I work with students to reach their musical aspirations and goals by creating an inclusive and educational environment that excels the learning process. Whether you want to strum some chords around the campfire or shred a face melter I’m your guy! 

Teaching background:

I have taught for 3 years now at The School of Rock in Orlando FL where I am originally from. In addition to The School of Rock I also have a roster of private students that I still teach via zoom. 

Professional background

Guitarist, Bassist, Cat Ridgeway, Orlando FL – March 2023 – Present 

Cat Ridgeway is a singer songwriter from Orlando FL who has written songs with artists such as Shaun Mullins and broken into both the top 100 AAA charts and Americana singles charts. She has performed on many notable stages such as 30A songwriters fest, Ockeechobee Music Festival and House of Blues sharing the stage with acts like Arcade Fire, Leon Bridges, Brandi Carlile and many more. I have been playing guitar and bass with Cat since March of 2023 and am planning to tour on her new album in October

Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, Booking Agent, John Dorney, Orlando FL, June 2023 – Present

My original project featuring recorded original music. I have been working on this particular project since June 2023 when I started to demo out some new original material. In September 2023 I went to Ashlawn Recording Company in Lyme CT to record an EP. I employed three artists I work with regularly in Orlando for drums, bass, backing vocals, and also to capture video and edit together the entire experience. We also worked with Charles Dahkile, the producer and owner of Ashlawn Recording Company to make these songs come to life.

Songwriter, Producer, Guitarist, Megan Shea, Orlando FL, March 2023 – Present

In the Megan Shea project I am heavily involved in the songwriting process as well as the production and live performance aspects of the group. We have released a single “”Summer Days”” and have played a sold out release show at a local venue in Orlando Wills Pub. There are professional videos and recordings of this show as well as multiple unreleased studio recordings. 

Guitarist, Bassist, Rowdey, Orlando FL March 2024 – Present 

Rowdey works closely with grammy award winning country artist Cole Swindell as a drum technician. This is a new group consisting of myself, Aaron Buckingham (Roosevelt Coolier, Steelin’ Peaches), JJ (sound engineer for the band Under Oath), and Rowdey (drum technician Cole Swindell). We play original music created by JJ and Rowdey and have been making demos in Aaron’s recording studio in Plant City FL. We created a live performance video and are playing a sold out show at Janis Live (St Pete FL) in December 

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