Yaevin Lee is a Vocal Instructor specializing in Vocal Health. Since her time as a Voice student at Berklee College of Music she has accumulated her 7 years of experience as a private vocal instructor. Yaevin caters her lessons to each of her students’ unique goals teaching students of all ages 6+ and all levels. The musical genres she specializes in are Pop, R&B, Soul, Country, Rock, and Musical Theater.

Having studied under some of the best vocal instructors at one of the most famous music institutions in the world, Yaevin understands that even vocally, the real world will affect you differently from being a student at such a school. Moving to NYC and becoming a full-time performing/recording vocalist, she developed vocal injuries she had never been educated on, but also, eventually, new techniques and lifestyle choices that she would soon learn were crucial for every professional singer to know. With this knowledge from doctors, speech therapists, and her own research and experience, Yaevin has strengthened her teaching abilities to help her students build a healthy and sustainable foundation for their future as professional working vocalists in the real world.