Become the drummer everyone wants to play with.

Here at The Collective, we are dedicated to teaching you to become the drummer everyone wants to play with. You can develop the skills to play with anyone, at any venue, in any style. That’s why we exist: To prepare you to work as a professional musician. Our method works! We’ve been one of the top choices for musicians looking to expand their performance skills for forty years.
We’re only for passionate players.

Studying at The Collective is an intense experience. We have high expectations of our students. But if you love your instrument, and you’re willing to work hard in your lessons and classes, you’ll leave here with all the tools necessary to work as a musician in the real world!

One of the things that makes us different is our Faculty. They’re all World Class Musicians. Our teacher to student ratio is 1/5, which means that you’ll get individualized attention and instruction. It is more than just the lessons, you’ll play in ensembles with professional NYC musicians. That means you’ll be challenged to rise to their level, and you’ll grow accustomed to playing with the best.

Our Alumni boast 5 Grammys, 50,000,000 records sold, and countless performances around the globe. We train and educate future music legends!

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Supplemental programs

Conga Drumming

This course builds conga technique and explores the beautiful and complex conga rhythms of Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Djembe Drumming

This course focuses on the music of West Africa through the study of indigenous rhythms and songs. Djembe and other West African instruments are used to produce the rhythms of this rich musical culture.

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