At the core of every great musical experience are the people you experience it with. Seeing concerts, Jam sessions with your friends, Or singing along to that favorite song in the car with your family on a long drive. Now more than ever, the social aspect of music is something deeply missed by musicians and fans alike.

The Collective, as an institution with the goal of bringing current music industry icons and the music innovators of the future together, has noticed this. We miss it, too. But now, we are excited to announce we have finally found a way to bring that social experience to music education, and get the world back to making music together again!

Introducing: The Collective Lesson Pool! A new way to learn music with your friends, or make new ones!

Now, you’ll be able to take custom private lessons with our faculty made of world-renowned instrumentalists/vocalists for a lower price, alongside your friends! Group lessons customized to your specific musical skill level, instrument, and style preference! Trying to meet like-minded musicians? Don’t fret: We can match you to the group that best fits your learning goals!

Our process for booking a Lesson Pool is easy! Just Strike Up the Band! – For just $49.99, Invite two of your friends to join in the fun, and hone your skills together on a lesson plan of your choice, or for just $59.99, opt into our match program by filling out our easy form below! It will match you to a class filled with like-minded musicians eager to learn and meet new friends and collaborators!

Please fill out the form below. We will contact you shortly.