December 3, 2020, You’re invited to join The Collective LIVE at 5pm EST as we proudly present a FREE hour-long online clinic via Zoom on Merging the worlds of Acoustic and Electronic drumming from Collective alumnus: Robert Schoosleitner

Schoosleitner is a drummer hailing from Salzburg, Austria who has focused on hybrid drumming and fusing digital production with his live playing in a variety of styles and genres! Notable projects for Schoosleitner include his Indie Pop project Noyoco, for which he not only plays the drums, but produces and composes as well! He is also a full-time member of Jazz-Fusion group Mashed Peas, and maintains a rigorous schedule as a teacher when he’s not recording in his recording studio located on a cherry farm! Schoosleitner has played alongside the likes of Oz Noy, Jacob Sacks, Gary Versace, Jon Davis, Lincoln Goines, Evan Gregor, Francesco Beccaro and many, many more incredible musicians. You can hear his technique for yourself below! 

Thanks to the Collective’s new online remote learning initiatives, newcomers and alumni from around the world have been able to reconnect with The Collective on a daily basis, and bring our famous New York campus straight into their living rooms in real-time. Albeit by taking online private lessons with some of the incredible faculty or tuning into one of our free hour-long clinics with a featured Faculty Member or Alumnus, musicians are able to continue to pursue their goals and share amazing experiences together online through The Collective!

Now, The Collective is able to bring you an hour-long course curated by Schoosleitner and hosted by Chris Bottone, where he will be focusing on how to merge pads, triggers, and other electronic methods of percussion with live techniques and instruments via Ableton Live! Schoosleitner will perform, explain his concepts, and even take a live Q&A session from the Live-Stream Chat! Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity, and be sure to keep updated on all Collective news and content by following us on social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @thecollectivenyc

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