As The Collective has continued to expand online and in our own New York City, we’ve kept our dreams in focus as being the best place to connect musicians with the tools, the knowledge, and the people they need to become the innovators and creators that will shape the music landscape of the future. As we’ve grown, we’ve seen so many incredible students take up their instruments and continue to amaze us with their talent. With our new online initiatives, we’ve been able to connect with even more incredible artists across the globe. Now, we’re taking the next steps to help you hone your skills and be the best musician you can be!

Starting today, we are proud to introduce SOUND COLLECTIVE, Our brand new digital platform featuring more than 450 video lessons and many carefully curated hours of instruction of the quality musical education sought after from The Collective! We’re excited to continue to expand The Collective online after seeing so many excited and talented students and alumni alike connect with NYC’s premier music school in exciting new ways and make incredible music together across the globe!

From topics like music production, sound design, mixing, mastering, music theory to mastery of an instrument, Sound Collective is a platform where you can fully realize yourself as the musician you want to be! Each course was carefully crafted by industry experts so you can learn from the masters anywhere, on-demand with our continually-growing course library. You can download sheet music for select courses, and even DAW templates and sample packs for our more tech-savvy musicians, so that you can continue to refine your sound and be a part of The Collective no matter where you are!

Sound Collective is opening as a public beta that will be continuing to grow with The Collective, as we continue to add new features to ensure that musicians have the best possible experience. Daily live online lessons, workshops focusing on your preferred instrument, recording and more will be coming to the Sound Collective in the upcoming months!

Get started with a 1-month free trial using promo code SCGETSTARTED!

The platform itself was created in partnership with Whitemoon Labs. As you explore Sound Collective, if there is anything you would like to see or have any questions, please reach out to our team at [email protected]

We’ve all been pouring our hearts into making a platform at the same quality of educational excellence you expect from The Collective, so we hope you join us for this exciting new venture to expand our Collective all over the world!