Thursday April 22, 2021, You’re invited to join The Collective School of Music LIVE online at 7-8pm EST as we proudly present a FREE hour-long clinic discussing how to Create, Optimize, and get the most out of a Drummer’s practice routine from Collective Mentor David Previ!

Previ is an esteemed faculty member of The Collective, specializing in Rudiments, Technique, Funk, Rock, and Groove. You can also find Dave Previ teaching his Daily Drumset Workouts, pushing drummers to hone their skills further every morning! In fact, he learned the skills he now teaches to newcomers and experts alike at The Collective, from The Collective! Previ is an alumnus, studying at the school in 2005 with mentors such as Peter Retzlaff, Ian Froman, Kim Plainfield, and Vince Cherico just to name a few!

While also an active studio/session musician and rhythm section player for the likes of Willamette, Savoy In Color, Portraiture, Ranjit and The Ambassadors, The RitMo Collective, and more, David has enriched himself in all facets of the Music Industry, even acting as a contributing writer for Modern Drummer Magazine. No matter the situation, Previ brings a positive attitude and a skillful approach to his playing and his teaching!

Thanks to the Collective’s Live Online remote learning initiatives, newcomers and alumni from around the world have been able to reconnect with The Collective on a daily basis, and bring our famous New York campus straight into their living rooms in real-time. Albeit by taking online private lessons with some of the incredible faculty or tuning into one of our free hour-long clinics with a featured faculty member, musicians are able to continue to pursue their goals and share amazing experiences together online through The Collective!

Now, The Collective is able to bring you an hour-long clinic curated and hosted by Previ, where he will be delving into how to create a fulfilling practice experience that will continue to challenge and develop the modern day drummer, no matter their skill level! Previ will perform, explain his exercises, and even take Q&A right from the Live Chat! Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity, and be sure to keep updated on all Collective news and content by following us on social media: IG/Twitter @thecollectivenyc!

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